ScanPlan is a Proof of Service software package that can be used for a wide variety of applications. From cleaning to security from auditing assets to compliance checks ScanPlan is the key.


All the cleaning that matters


Never more important than in today’s COVID-19 world. Daily and even hourly cleaning are now not only important but a requirement. Critically, proof of service is vital to any company’s COVID plan


Digital records ready for audits

HACCP Management and Monitoring

If you are tired of folders of written records, tables of operator’s initials to prove that staff have completed scheduled tasks or worse still finding them not up to date just before an audit, then ScanPlan can solve this problem.


Auditing is simply critical

Auditing Assets

How many projectors does the school have and are they all operational for the start of each term? Has someone completed the weekly warehouse racking check? Both easily scheduled, completed and digital records created.


In store or on patrol


A recurring issue in the industry has been the lack of guard engagement and surveillance. Value for money from the posting of guards is often questioned by business owners and operators.