HACCP Management and Monitoring


Digital records ready for audits

HACCP Management and Monitoring

If you are tired of folders of written records, tables of operator’s initials to prove that staff have completed scheduled tasks or worse still finding them not up to date just before an audit, then ScanPlan can solve this problem.

User Case

The HACCP warehouse manual clearly states that on a daily basis the multiple cool rooms need to be inspected, the temperature set points confirmed and the actual secondary temperature gauge checked and recorded. Not to mention the warehouse perimeter needs to be inspected weekly.

Lisa, the Site Manager logs onto ScanPlan and checks what HACCP checks need to be performed today. She hands the ScanPlan device to her Site Supervisor Rob and he logs on, selects the daily HACCP checks schedule and scans the TapIT in each cool room on and off and enters the temperatures. He logs out and Lisa can see the job has been done.


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