Security In-Store Audit System


A recurring issue in the industry has been the lack of in-store guard engagement and surveillance of customer activity. Value for money from the posting of guards is often questioned by store owners and operators.

User Case

Jeff arrives onsite at a large electronics store for his day shift and records his attendance by logging onto the ScanPlan device. Back at the Security Company office, they can see Jeff has reported for his shift. He then selects his schedule and reviews the areas the store management has scheduled him to patrol and tap in and out of all day. This information includes how often and for how long he is meant to patrol these areas. By doing this the Store Owner, who knows their stock, create the pattern of surveillance they think will best serve their store security.

Jeff also has the ability to record any moments in time that he wants video footage reviewed for suspicious behaviour, bag searches and incidents. In the case of the latter, the moment the incident is reported the store manager is notified so they can become involved if they should want to.

Jeff also scans on and off his break and check scans at the end of his shift so the Store Manager has a record of work hours.

In Store Security System makes floor monitoring easier with its virtual assisting technology


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