Vehicle Wash Management


Make the invisible visible

Vehicle Wash Management

Vehicle (truck) wash facilities are expensive to construct and in most cases have no management software installed to manage the workflow to ensure they are utilised correctly – enter ScanPlan.

User Case

It’s 7am and Bob logons onto his ScanPlan device to review his schedule for the day. 4 prime movers and 7 trailers. He scans the washing equipment confirming it is in good working order. Bob heads out into the yard to retrieve the Prime mover, scans the truck, and washes it on the truck wash. He finds a loose bolt on the rear guard and enters a note into the device, this emails the Maintenance Supervisor who repairs it once it comes off the wash. Hundreds of dollars in repairs are avoided by good alerting.

Bob scans vehicles all day creating an excellent digital record and good reporting. Bob scans off at the end of the day recording his time.

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